2016 Mix and Playlist

OK, so for Mother Music with a capital M, this was truly an Annus Horribilis.

So many greats passed away, from Lemmy to the one and only David Bowie, they are too many to be named. Or may be not too many:

Anyway I made two mixes this year. The first one is an impromptu mix that I made live (like all years except 2015), which doesn’t mean there was a crowd, but that I mixed it on virtual turntables without alterations later on.

I. The MIX

This year the first attempt is what I am publishing. It does have a fair share of errors and I still think beat matching is for sissies. A lot of it is composed out of stuff I found somewhere, sometimes a few years back and not available as records or downloads. It’s charging pretty hard for the most part, so save it for when you want to dance.

Tracklist the FY2016 Mix:

  1. Cowboys from Hell: Pantera
  2. I’m afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails Remix): David Bowie
  3. Ketamin for Breakfast: Kate Tempest
  4. Never had the Time (Saschienne Remix): Who made Who
  5. Miss Mars: 80kidz
  6. Wayfarer (Plus Move Remix): Kavinsky
  7. C’Mon Sunshine (Orginal Mix): Sir Bed & Sir Go
  8. Always More (Yuksek Remix): Autokratz
  9. C2C Vs. Daft Punk Vs Justice Mashup & Remix: X-Banana
  10. 2099: Plus Move
  11. Alive/Intergalactic Daft Science Remix: Coins
  12. Oh! You Pretty Things: David Bowie
  13. So fine (Plus Move Remix): Ready Fire Aim
  14. Trouble: Thunderbird Gerard
  15. Moonlight: Mellow
  16. The Rush: Egokind
  17. Hey Sunshine (Antonio Giacca Remix): Sugarstarr feat. Alexander
  18. Meltdown: Ghostpoet
  19. Thirteen Thirty-five: Dillon

II. The Playlist

The second one is a playlist on Spotify and has a few faves that I listened to a lot this year. It’s a lot softer than the mix. This one is safe for work.

Oh and 2016, here is what I have to say to you:


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